Address Book for Windows

Adr_Book is visually attractive, easy to use, yet powerful software that makes keeping track of your contacts simple. Its retro look, blazing speed, and simplicity makes it just darn fun! Adr_Book is available for all flavors of Microsoft Windows including Windows 8. Though easy, it is extremely powerful. Printing features include labels, envelopes, booklets, and reports. Create as many address books as you'd like, each with hundreds or thousands of names. And if you like, you can use the web server embedded in Adr_Book; this allows intranet and Internet access to the data with your favorite web browser.

Download Demo
Demo fully functional but limited to 30 contacts.

Features & Specs

Locate contacts quickly Looking up your contact is fast. Locate people using alphabetic tabs, the scrolling name list or simply by typing the first few letters of their name to immediately find contact details on who you're looking for.

Print standard lables A large variety of standard Avery label sizes are supported. The starting row and column can be specified so labels are never wasted.

Print envelopes Standard envelope sizes are automatically supported. Additionally, the exact location of both the address and return address can be specified, allowing precise positioning on odd sized envelopes

Print booklets and reports Standard contact list reports are available. A unique feature is the printing of a small fold-up pocket booklet. The booklet can range in size from 5.5 x 4.25 inches to 4 x 2.75 inches.

Web and Email features A built-in web server allows you to access your address book using your web browser. The web option also allows you to send email directly from the Adr_Book program. You can query a set of names from your address book, and send them all a customized, mail-merged email message.

More features... Contacts can be labeled for custom grouping of records. Search features allow quickly locating specific contacts. You can automatically dial a contact's phone number using your computer's modem.