DCOM Activities Calendar
March 2012
ACOFP General Meeting DCOM 105 5:00-7:00
SAAO Greet and Treat 4:30-5:30 OPP Lab
SOMA DO Day on the Hill Mandatory Meeting 5:00-6:00 DCOM 101
Wilderness Medicine Club Meeting DCOM 105 4:30-5:00
2015 Exam 3
2014 Reproductive Exam
AOCPMR meeting and elections 5:00-6:00 DCOM 102
Pediatric Club Meeting 5:00-6:00 DCOM 105
DO Day on the Hill- No School
Psych/ Neuro Club Meeting and Guest Speaker 5:00-6:00
Daylight Saving Time Begins
SGA General Meeting 5:00-6:00 DCOM 106
SAAO Greet and Treat 4:30-5:30 OPP Lab
2015 OPP and EPC Exam
St. Patrick's Day
Spring Break
Spring Break
Spring Break
Spring Break
Spring Break
2014 GI Exam
SAAO Greet and Treat 4:30-5:30 OPP Lab
2014 OPP Written and Practical Exam
ER Club Meeting 5:00-7:00 DCOM 105
2014 PALS Megacode Testing
2015 Exam 4
ACOPMR Medical Acupuncture Clinic 9:00-4:00 OPP Lab
STORM TN Meth Task Force Training 9:00-11:00 DCOM 101
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