Endicott Team Homework Calendar
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April 2012
Language Arts - Mrs. Feerick
Read 5-7, due Tuesday (D-G) - be prepared to discuss the reading and ask questions
Two typed poems due Tuesday (D-G)
Read 8-epilogue, due Wednesday
Diary due Thursday
After school: Mon., Tues., Thurs.
Math - Mr. Gregerick
E: Drill and Kill
F: Quiz tomorrow
AFTER SCHOOL THIS WEEK: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
Language Arts - Mrs. Feerick
Read 8-epilogue, due tomorrow
Bring a complete set of colored pencils to class tomorrow
Diary due Thursday
Math - Mr. Gregerick
E: Pythagorean Theorem worksheet
D: Page 32 #30
F: Quiz today
Math - Mr. Gregerick
C, E: Page 617 #6-20, even
D, F: Page 32 #31-39
Science - Ms. Cleary
Blocks C,D,E-draft of procedures for neutrally buoyant film canister due Monday
Blocks F,G-draft of procedures for neutrally buoyant film canister due Thursday 4/5
Final typed lab will be due Monday for F and G , Tuesday for E block and Wednesday for C and D Block
Science - Ms. Cleary
Blocks C,D,E draft of procedures due Monday, 4/9
Block F typed procedures due Monday, 4/9
Blocks E and G typed procedures due Tuesday, 4/10
Blocks C and D typed procedures due Wednesday, 4/11
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 ********8th Grade Teams: Bowditch, Endicott, Peabody  *******7th Grade Teams: Foster, Page, Rebecca Nurse *********6Th Grade Teams:  Holten, Read, Richmond

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