GB nature center
July 2012
10 Tai Chi
BN Vac
JM, KR in
NZC vac
NZC vac
Independence Day
NC closed; education staff off
NZC in
SYEP starts [Ada begin]
10:00 Swamp Madness hike starting from NC
Ada in
intern Kristi in
NZC in
9:00 Moses Mt Hike
AB, KT 8x4 shift
4-8 rental
10 Tai Chi
7:30 Spectacular Summer night hike
5-9 rental [wedding]
BN, KR later shift
JK in
10-12 start Mini Camp week 1: "winter"
10-12 Mini Camp week 1 [off-site at Willowbrook]
2-315 Gentle Yoga
10-12 Mini Camp end of week 1: sprinkler day
11:00 begin Adult Art: Pastel Landscapes [1 of 3]
3-7 room rental
10 Tai Chi
1:00 Life on the Forest floor at High Rock
10-12 begin week 2 Mini Camp "spring"
10-12 Mini Camp week 2 [possible off-site to Schmul Park]
2-315 Gentle Yoga
10-12 end week 2 Mini Camp: sprinklers
11:00 Fantastic Friday: Family Craft workshop
11:00 Adult Art: Pastel Landscapes [week 2 of 3]
10 Tai Chi
1:00 Dragonflies Demystified at High Rock
10-12 Begin Mini Camp week 3 "Summer"
10-12 Mini Camp off-site Willowbrook Park
2-315 Gentle Yoga
1-=12 mini camp end week 3: sprinklers
11:00 Summer Reading with a Smile!
2:00 Sing Along with Patrick
10 Adult Art: Pastel Landscapes [week 3 of 3]
2-6 room rental
10 Tai Chi
11 Powerful Ponds at High Rock
10 Begin week 4: Mini Camp "Fall"
10-12 Mini Camp: off-site: trip to High Rock for pond discovery
2-315 Gentle Yoga
10-12 Mini Camp last day
JM vac
830-130 Busy Beach professional development [25]: KR, BN
11 Adult Art: Charcoal
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