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Short name: Used as your calendar's address, e.g. MyCalendar would be accessed at
Calendar Title: Displayed at the top of the calendar; you can add or change this later.
Your Email: Optional; see Notes below
Keywords: If you like, enter some words related to your calendar.
Publicize? Whether or not to include your calendar in lists of publicly-viewable calendars; primarily so search engines can find it.
Leave this blank: Don't use, this must be empty. Really.

  • An email address is optional. It will be used only to mail you your passwords if you request them, or to notify you if your calendar is due for removal (see below.) We don't send unsolicited email and never disclose email addresses or other information to third parties. Please note that if you don't provide an email address, there will be no way to recover lost calendar passwords. You can modify your email address in the calendar's "General Settings" page.
  • The email address is also used as the "From" address for email sent from your calendar. (E.g. "New Event" notifications.) You can change the "From" address in the "Email Settings" page any time you like.
  • Calendars which haven't been used for 6 months will automatically be removed. A calendar is determined to be "unused" if no events have been added or modified for 6 months. If you supply an email address, a notification will be sent a week before the calendar is removed.
  • You can - and should! - set security on your calendar after creating it. At a minimum, set a password for "Admin". To do this, click the "Settings" link at the bottom of your calendar, then click on "Passwords".