Saturday, August 26 2017
Georgia Femme Dommes - “Fantasies of Flogging, (legal) Chemical and Wax Play”
8 pm until 2 am

Don't forget about the pre-party Munch from 6 pm until 8 pm!

The "Georgia Femme Dommes" is a special night for all Domme Women and submissive men & women, as well as those whose gender identify and expression is female. In order to preserve the female superiority energy of the evening, men whose orientation is dominant or top must be in submissive or bottom mode this night.


Opening Announcements about 8:30 pm

Several awesome Prizes will be awarded in the following categories:

1) The Best Dressed Female - Warm Up Floggers donated by seriousleigh

2) The Best Dressed Male - Gift Certificate from “Scream: The Store at 1763”

3) The Person That Travels the longest distance to attend - “Portable Foot Worship Kit” donated by Natural Dommes


BFD-Atlanta (Black FemDoms - Atlanta) would like to kick off a “Women's Personal Care Drive” through December 31 for personal items for women residing in shelters. We'd like to kick it off this evening with people bringing these items to drop off: 

sanitary napkins, panty liners, tampons, soap (including feminine wash), deodorant, toothpaste, tooth brushes, socks, shampoo, conditioner, combs, brushes, shaving and depilatory cream, and razors


Femme Domme Stations

”Chemical Sensation Play"
with GoddessMW and Mistress P

You do not have to possess a science background to enjoy safe sensation/chemical play. Natural Dommes (Mistress P & GoddessMW) share their take on (legal) chemical play with the use of natural ingredients. Learn safe and satisfying techniques to create multiple sensations.

GoddessMW is a second generation Domme who grew up in a Female led, D/s household.  This is captured in her motto, " I CAN, therefore, you WILL."  GoddessMW is a heterosexual Domina who enjoys domestic servitude, body worship, impact and medical play.  GoddessMW is a mentee of MsDDom, an active member of BFD (Black FemDoms-Atlanta), WiLA (Women in Leather-Atlanta) and B.A.M. (Black Atlanta Munch), as well as, co-creator of Natural Dommes (skin care products that include treatment, pampering, chemical play and aftercare).

Mistress P is new to the Atlanta community; she often uses her creativity in her bdsm play. This is demonstrated by her many creations that ranging from leashes and collars to chemical oils created by natural Domes, even though she's short she packs one hell of swing, she enjoys impact play, chemical play, fire play and servitude. She is an active member of BFD and BAM, a pledge of WILA.

“Wax Play" 
with MzCoco2U

Hot wax is a very unique way to play. You can give and experience pure sensuality. It can be a delightful tease, a frightening torture, or an artistic endeavor. Only your imagination and a few observed safety precautions can be your path to a realm of unique pleasures.

“I have been a part of the BDSM community for over 30 years, with 27 years in the Atlanta community. Most know me simply by "Coco". Among my many fetishes and types of play, I thoroughly enjoy the practice of edge play...particularly wax and knife play. Throw in some chains, ice, and imagination, and my victims are left quivering.”

“Florentine Flogging"
with CallMeCara

Florentine flogging is a form of impact play that uses two floggers at the same time that are usually equally weighted. The term alludes to a style of "florentine fencing" in which the person uses two swords at once. CallMeCara will discuss why she love florentine flogging, techniques, safety, and after. Hand-on demonstration will follow so that you too can swing and feel the sensation!

Cara is an African-American lifestyle Domme based out of Birmingham, Alabama. She has been active in her local community and home club, The Red Chair for several years. Her play interests are varied and ever changing as she finds new and exciting ways to "melt the brain" of her play partners. She is mostly known for doing impact play during her public scenes, Florentine flogging in particular. Her primary focus, however, is on the mental aspects of play. Humiliation and degradation, mind fucks, protocol, pegging, chastity and service all really get her "gears turning". Usually humorous, sometimes sweet and other times downright wicked, Cara describes herself as a "Bratty Domme" and is known for giggling when her sadistic side comes out to play. Using her background in Psychology for devilish purposes, she relishes finding out what her partner really, truly wants, and then dangling it just out of reach.


Femme Domme Stations begin after the end of the announcements and will continue as long as there is interest. During the Femme Domme Stations, other areas of the dungeon will be available for play.


Foot Worship Station

After the announcements, the Foot Worship Station will be open for Dominant Women to be pampered by foot submissives!


Special Dungeon Rules for the Georgia Femme Dommes

The event focus and goal is Female domination, education, and mentoring. We welcome everyone to attend our event but only Females can top this night. Females may identify as Dominant or submissive; males must identify as submissive or be in bottom mode only. Males will not be allowed to Switch or Service Top.

We welcome cross dressers, transgender, and transsexual members of the community. They may Top as long as their primary self-identity is Female and are dressed as a Female. If they are pre-op and expose male genitals during a scene they will not be allowed to Top. Remember, all behavior and play should be in the spirit of female domination.

Our goal is to be gender-inclusive and remain a Femme Domme event. All play is safe, sane and consensual. These rules are in addition to the standard 1763 Dungeon Rules.


$20 per person door fee

You must be a Member of 1763 (ages 21 years or older) or have a Whippersnappers Membership (ages 19 years or older) to attend this evening. The 1763 Membership fee is in addition to the door fee, and a valid picture ID is needed for a 1763 Membership.

6 month 1763 Membership-$10
14 month 1763 Membership-$20


"Celebrating 14 Kinky Years in Atlanta, Georgia"