Saturday, January 13 2018
8:00pm - 9:00pm
Rope Bite @Nite - “Observational Drills” with MisterBacon
8 pm until 9 pm

The monthly Rope Bite @Nite class, starting just after 8 pm, is followed by the Decadence Play Party from about 9:15 pm until 2 am.

Rope Bite @Nite is on the second Saturday of each month, featuring presenters from the local Atlanta chapter of Rope Bite, as well as other guest presenters from time to time. Rope Bite @Nite is designed for hands-on practice and experience, offering something for everyone who has an interest in rope, from brand new to established.


This evening MisterBacon will be presenting

“Observational Drills”

Too often in rope, we focus on building a design rather than focusing on our partner. I will instruct students on how to develop a relationship with their bottom in a scene rather than focusing on a pre-determined pattern. We will accomplish this through a series of observational exercises, each geared to focus on particular elements of tying so that you can create different experiences for your partner.

NOTE: This class will be intimate. You will need to get close enough to your partner to pay attention to their breath, their sounds, etc. If this makes you uncomfortable, you may not be able to participate.

Tying Level: Beginner

Please bring: 1 length of 7to 9 meters of rope; some will be available to borrow if you don’t have any

Who is MisterBacon?

MisterBacon is a switch from Los Angeles who began his rope education in 2013. He is an active member of the Devil Mask Society rope family. He currently teaches a monthly introductory rope bondage class in Culver City, CA, and has been privileged to be able to teach in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and San Diego, CA. Additionally, he has performed in Los Angeles and at the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco.

Known primarily for being a jerk with rope and for his elaborate negotiation style, MisterBacon strives to create scenes and classes that will allow others to feel his enjoyment of rope. Using his experience as a rope top and bottom, he aims to help people empathize with their partner as a way to improve their rope experience. Scenes are only as good as the interplay between all involved parties, so MisterBacon wants his partners and students to see the importance of getting to know the person they’re tying with beyond just their list of do’s and don’ts. He has been described as a “gleeful sadist.”


Demo starts promptly at 8:30 pm and ends about 9:15 pm. After the demo, mats will be set out in the large side dungeon for additional hours of practice. So bring along some rope and perhaps a partner to join the fun! Come for the demo, or if rope is not of your persuasion, come later!


After the Rope Bite @Nite demo, stay and practice, and enjoy the Decadence Play Party until 2 am. Your admission to Rope Bite @Nite includes admission to the Decadence Play Party. Enjoy whatever activity you may have in mind, even if it is not rope. And remember,

”Don't Get Tied Up Elsewhere This Evening”!


$20 per person door fee

You must be a Member of 1763 (ages 21 years or older) or have a Whippersnappers Membership (ages 19 years or older) to attend this evening. The 1763 Membership fee is in addition to the door fee, and a valid picture ID is needed for a 1763 Membership.

6 month 1763 Membership-$10
14 month 1763 Membership-$20


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