Saturday, January 20 2018
Whippersnappers - “De-mystifying and Re-mystifying the Vagina” with TonyTheGrey
8 pm until 2 am

Whippersnappers' monthly play party at 1763 is always a great time, and this month is going to be no different. As always, doors open at 8, and the fun doesn't stop until 2 the next morning.


We kick off the year with TonyTheGrey’s presentation of

“De-mystifying and Re-mystifying the Vagina”

This month's arousing demo is presented by our guest, TonyTheGrey, about fun things to do with vaginas!

Hi. My name is Tony, and I have a penis. That means that I know less about vaginas than half of the world’s population. That being said, I have learned one or two things in my travels that I think are important/cool/esoteric enough to share.

This is NOT a “Pussy 101” class. I’ll cover the basics briefly, but that sort of information is very easy to obtain elsewhere. This class is all about crazy and advanced stuff that one can do with
the Holiest of Holes. Here’s the breakdown:

Part 1: What everyone damn well needs to know before doing anything to, around, or near a vagina. If you wanna get into her, you gotta get her into you

Part 2: Fisting, because sometimes you just want to pretend she’s a ventriloquist dummy. You wanna put what, where?!

Part 3: Ain’t nothin but a G-spot thing.
How the hell does she stay hydrated? I’m glad I brought an umbrella.

Part 4: Look mom, no hands!
Dude, is your girl having a seizure over there?
Nah, I just told her to cum. She’s very obedient.

That’s right. I will cover some “Arousal 101” stuff that is always useful and often neglected, then
dive straight into the basics of fisting, and then demonstrate what the g-spot is and how to stimulate it. I wasn’t joking (much) about the umbrella. This is the stuff that causes some women to squirt a high pressure jet of love all over the place. Finally, we will get a little arcane and I’ll demonstrate my method for training a woman to cum on command.

TonyTheGrey, Leatherman, pain-player, and dominant, became officially active in the lifestyle at the beginning of 2008. He began his studies by attending a rope workshop by Jay Wiseman. He has since drifted away from rope and really took to rhythmic impact play, hypnosis, predicament play, and all around mind-fuckery.

“I have a huge passion for teaching. I get a major rush out of sharing my experiences with others, and it means the world to me when a past student approaches me telling me about how they’ve learned to apply my material in their own life. I’ve worn a lot of hats in my life, and being a teacher is one of my favorites." -Tony


Discussion and demo begins about 8:30 pm. Afterward, all dungeon areas will be open for play (about 9:30 pm).


$20 per person door fee.

Whippersnappers play parties are limited to people between the ages of 19 and 39. Those who are 40 or older must be guested in by a current Whippersnappers' member. Each member may bring one guest with them to a play party. A guest will still be required to have a 1763 Membership and also pay the door fee. We ask that you arrive with the person guesting you in or arrange for them to meet you at the front desk.

You must have a Whippersnappers Membership or be a Member of 1763 to attend this evening. The Membership fees are in addition to the door fee, and a valid picture ID is needed for a Membership.

Whippersnappers Memberships: $10 per person and are available at the door.

6 month 1763 Membership-$10
14 month 1763 Membership-$20


"14 Kinky Years in Atlanta, Georgia"