Saturday, February 3 2018
7:00pm - 8:30pm
1763 Munch
Ages 19 and older

Dungeons can seem scary; coming out to meet people who participate in BDSM can seem scary. There is no need to be scared or to do this alone!

Let 1763 ease you comfortably into the alternative scene. Meet the 1763 Staff and some of 1763's regular attendees in a low key, friendly, educational and no pressure environment. Stroll around, see the facility and feel free to ask questions.

Expect such items as cheese and crackers, cold cuts, chips, fruit, veggies, and a whole lot more! Feel free to bring in your own food or items to share with others if you so desire. Tables and chairs will be set up in the main dungeon. There are no preset topics, so ask whatever is on your mind.

We usually do some announcements about 8 pm, such as introducing the 1763 Staff and the role of the 1763 Dungeon Monitors. We then open it up for any questions.

The 1763 Munch is FREE for those ages 19 and over.

The 1763 Educational Forum begins at 9 pm, when regular membership and door fees apply. We hope you stay, but there is no obligation! Dress code for the munch is casual or fetish and complimentary lockers are available for those who wish to change.


"14 Kinky years in Atlanta, Georgia"