Saturday, February 24 2018
Nouveau - "Kinky Speed Dating"
8 pm until 2 am

Nouveau is an Atlanta based group, with an emphasis on education.

“Everything we do is designed specifically for those that have less than 3 years experience and especially those that have less than 6 months experience…”


“Think speed dating with a kinky twist.”

This has to be one of our most popular events. Every time we do this exercise it spawns really great scenes in the dungeon. It is also a great way to meet new people.

Knowing how to talk about a scene and express your limits is a critical skill to have, especially if you are a bottom. Imagine that you have decided to take the plunge and do your first scene. You have found someone you trust. Now what?

We will discuss how to frame your conversation so that it is both erotic and safe. Then we practice. Here is where the speed dating comes in. Bottoms sit on the inside circle and the tops sit on the outside circle. You get 3 minutes to negotiate a fictitious scene one on one. You can verbalize a real scene or some exotic fantasy. After 3 minutes the tops move and it starts all over again.

We want to help you find your voice and become comfortable describing your kink. And in the process meet several great tops and bottoms. So if you are brand new or have many years of experience come play with us.

After the demonstration several of our newest members and leaders will be doing scenes. Feel free to watch or better yet join right in.


Speed Dating starts about 8:30 and ends about 9:15. Afterward all dungeon areas will be open for play.


Host: Kandansky
Dress: Club, dressy or kinky


$20 per person door fee

You must be a Member of 1763 (ages 21 years or older) or have a Whippersnappers Membership (ages 19 years or older) to attend this evening. The 1763 Membership fee is in addition to the door fee, and a valid picture ID is needed for a 1763 Membership.

6 month 1763 Membership-$10
14 month 1763 Membership-$20


"14 Kinky Years in Atlanta, Georgia"