Saturday, May 26 2018
The Edge (of Night) - Sensation Play with Wolf
8 pm until 2 am

"The Edge (of Night)" is an evening at 1763 that features a demo of an “edgier” nature, followed by the regular dungeon play party until 2 am.

This evening at 1763's The Edge (of Night) we are pleased to have Wolf present

“Sensation Play”

What do knives, vampire gloves, wartenberg wheels, clothespins, clamps, paddles, chains, vibrators, electrical devices, fire, and so much more have in common? They can all be used to impart intense sensual and erotic sensations upon sensitive areas of one’s anatomy. No cutting, no blood...just pure sensation play as Wolf explores the nerves of your body and the imagination of your mind!

Wolf will demonstrate the creative uses of these implements in a scene, stoking your imagination. Additionally, Wolf is known for his extensive collection of BDSM toys and gear.

Who is Wolf?

Wolf has been in the public lifestyle for 25 years, a member of the local Atlanta community for 15 years and can frequently be found serving as a Dungeon Monitor at 1763. In addition to sensation play, Wolf also has interests in Fire Cupping, Flogging and Electricity…all from the perspective of being the Top in a scene.


Discussion and demo begins about 8:30 pm. Afterward, all dungeon areas will be open for play (about 9:15 pm).


$20 per person door fee

You must be a Member of 1763 (ages 21 years or older) or have a Whippersnappers Membership (ages 19 years or older) to attend this evening. The 1763 Membership fee is in addition to the door fee, and a valid picture ID is needed for a 1763 Membership.

$5 - One night 1763 Membership

$10 - Special 1763 Membership good for unlimited visits through June 30, 2018


"15 Kinky Years in Atlanta, Georgia"