Friday, August 24 2018
Friday Night at 1763
8 pm until 2 am

How about we throw in another Friday night play party?

Join us on Friday, August 24, from 8 pm until 2 am. No demo or discussion this evening, just six hours of dungeon fun!


$25 per person door fee

You must be a Member of 1763 (ages 21 years or older) or have a Whippersnappers Membership (ages 19 years or older) to attend this evening. The 1763 Membership fee is in addition to the door fee, and a valid picture ID is needed for a 1763 Membership.

6 month 1763 Membership-$10
12 month 1763 Membership-$20
Out of state one night 1763 Membership-$5


"15 Kinky Years in Atlanta, Georgia"