Awake Café Sunday Schedules (Morning and Night)

Awake Staff Schedule

Please follow this schedule. If you have any problems or questions about the schedule, feel free to talk to Logan. If you know you will miss a Sunday, please let Logan know two days in advance (by Friday evening).

Please do not invite your friends or other non-staff members behind the counter; however, feel free to encourage and invite others to join the staff and work in the coffee shop! The more the merrier haha. On a serious note, the more staff members we have the more efficient we will run, and with that Wednesday Night openings may become possible.

This calendar is very simple. You can click on just about anything you see, for example: dates, events, links, etc. If you click on something, it will direct you to what you clicked on. So, if you want to look at next month's schedule, just click on that month.

Logan Johnson (336) 480-6426

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