Saturday, February 17 2018
CA2Q Event
CA2Q Gathering at Black Bear Diner in Pleasanton and Ride to Pescadero.
Hi All,

It's just about that time again for another fun ride to the hinterland. And what prey tell will be the hinterland this month? How about the coast (weather permitting)?

I would like to do a group ride through the Santa Cruz mountains and along the coast. With weather being as dry as it has been, the roads are in good shape and my first choice would be to wind over to Pescadero between Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz. There are some really nice roads--some twisty and some narrow, but all are real roads--not goat trails. :-)

There is a great bakery/grocery store in Pescadero were you can get fresh made-while-you-wait sandwiches with a unique selection of Italian and French-style breads, plus a full selections of fresh meats. If you are so inclined, you can also pick up a just baked loaf of bread. Their most famous is Garlic Herb and Artichoke Bread.

There is an outside dining area behind the store with tables and benches where you can sit and enjoy your lunch.

As always, please let me know if you will be attending so that, if necessary, I will know how to size the groups.

Ron Green
CA-2Q Ride Coordinator