Sunday, July 20 2014
City Island Skate
City Island / Orchard Beach Skate, this Sunday, July 20, 2014, 1:00p

Meet at Columbus Circle Entrance to Central Park, at Statue of the Maine Led by Pete, cell 914-262-7950

Skate to City Island / Orchard Beach, enjoy the sea breeze and sea food (optional).

Distance: about 15+ miles one way. Shorter / Longer distance options. Skate through parts of Upper Manhattan, the Bronx and over the bridge to City Island. There, optional, we'll stop for seafood - lobster, oysters and beer, anyone? Then we'll loop around Orchard Beach and head for the subway, which some may take back. Bring beach gear if you want to hang on the sand.

Total skate distance can vary depending on individual choice. Subway, bus stops galore along route if you only want to go part way. About 15 miles to City Island where there's the option to bus and subway back. It is a bit over 20 miles if you skate onward to Orchard Beach, then to subway. There will be breaks / regroups, water and rest stops, lunch, beach roll, and skate to subway. Add about 12 more miles if you want to continue skating back from there.

Return options are;
(a) skate back
(b) partial skate (to subway station) + subway back (SHOES REQUIRED)
(c) bus + subway back (SHOES REQUIRED)

Weather permitting. If the streets are dry the skate is on!
Helmet and wrist guards are required. All other skate protection recommended. You are skating at your own risk. for additional info on this and other skates

Skate Leader: