FACSLab Mainz: FACSCanto

Please add your name, group and telefonnumber. Thanks, Julia
Thursdays 10a.m - 4 p.m can only be booked by Inst. fuer Toxikologie and Inst. fuer Pharmakologie,
Timeslots (starting between 9am - 4pm) longer than 2 hours have to have a break for 1 hour after 3 hours which can not be taken by an Member of the same Institut.
Please update me as soon as possible if you do not need your reservation.

Take care of the FACS-machine.
The machine has to be off during the night to save the LASER!

If you want to cancel a date, write me an e-mail.

I will be in the lab Monday, Tuesday and Thursday morning.

Pay attention to our Hompage

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