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Fitzroy St - St Kilda
Feb 1 Mon  
Feb 2 Tue  
Feb 3 Wed
For many in the LBGTIQ community, coming out has meant getting out. We've had to leave family behind to find a more welcoming place we can call home. As part of Melbourne's Midsumma Festival program for 2016, psychotherapist Carol-Ann Allen will give a free talk about the surprising potential we each have to heal family disconnection. This free community event is proudly sponsored by Switchboard Victoria. Bookings:
Feb 4 Thu  
Feb 5 Fri  
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Feb 21 Sun
Mardi Gras - Fair Day
Feb 22 Mon  
Feb 23 Tue  
Feb 24 Wed  
Feb 25 Thu  
Feb 26 Fri  
Feb 27 Sat  
Feb 28 Sun  
Feb 29 Mon  
Mar 1 Tue  
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Mar 5 Sat
Mardi Gras Parade
Mar 6 Sun  
Mar 7 Mon  
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Mar 9 Wed  
Mar 10 Thu  
Mar 11 Fri
At this stage, I only have a vague idea of the walks we are going to do. However, there will be one walk per day ranging from 10 to 15km and will vary between easy to medium.
More Info: 0428 447 539 or or
Mar 12 Sat
A great opportunity to make new friends and enjoy the picturesque lakes and fresh air of Daylesford on a pleasant 5km walk (approx. 2.5hrs). We will walk past Lake Daylesford and Shaw's Dam, look at a very deep scary culvert under the main Melbourne Rd, walk through the Enchanted Forest along Smith's Creek and then make our way up to the Cornish Hill gold diggings Reserve for great views over Daylesford from Thomas' Lookout while we have morning tea. From there it's back downhill to Lake Daylesford where you can have a recovery cool off swim if desired.
More Info: 0428 447 539 or or
Mar 13 Sun  
Mar 14 Mon  
Mar 15 Tue  
Mar 16 Wed  
Mar 17 Thu  
Mar 18 Fri  
Mar 19 Sat  
Mar 20 Sun
Travel will be by train (car optional). On arrival at Seymour it is a 5 min walk to the Railway Club Hotel situated on Main Street across from the station but we will have a quick look at a D3 steam loco in JW Elliot Reserve next to the station first. I will reserve a table once I know how many will be going. After lunch (1 hour 15 min) we will walk to the Goulburn River, having a look at a couple of tanks, a historic log lock up & a court house along the way. We then go for a 5km return walk along the Goulburn River Walking Track. The actual length of the walk will depend on how much time we have left after lunch. Once we leave the track we then head back to the station through Kings Park which is mostly a sports precinct.
More Info: 0428 447 539 or or
Mar 21 Mon  
Mar 22 Tue  
Mar 23 Wed  
Mar 24 Thu  
Mar 25 Fri  
Mar 26 Sat  
Mar 27 Sun  
Mar 28 Mon  
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Mar 30 Wed  
Mar 31 Thu  
Apr 1 Fri  
Apr 2 Sat  
Apr 3 Sun  
Apr 4 Mon  
Apr 5 Tue
Do you want to see more of a particular activity, or do you have a particularly favourite area of Victoria you would like to share with others? Do you have an idea for something apart from the regular walks? Come along to the Planning Meeting, and then stay for our monthly social evening where members talk about upcoming events, share a meal and compare notes on past activities. All members are welcome – you don't have to volunteer for an activity. New members are especially invited to this meeting as an orientation to Nomads activities.
More Info: 0428 447 539 or or
Apr 6 Wed  
Apr 7 Thu  
Apr 8 Fri  
Apr 9 Sat  
Apr 10 Sun
We will make our way to the nearby National Rhododendron Gardens with its spectacular display of Autumn colours. Participants will have an option of a 3.5km loop walk around the gardens or a shorter stroll in the top section only. Leaving the gardens we will proceed on a foot track alongside the road past the Olinda hall, recreation reserve and former golf course. Leaving the road and utilising several foot and vehicle tracks we will make our way through eucalypt forest and ferny gullies to ultimately reach Silvan Reservoir Park. A final foot track will take us to the bus stop on Monbulk Road to commence the homeward journey.
More Info: 0428 447 539 or or
Apr 11 Mon  
Apr 12 Tue  
Apr 13 Wed  
Apr 14 Thu  
Apr 15 Fri  
Apr 16 Sat  
Apr 17 Sun
After leaving some vehicles at Gunnamatta, we will drive to the starting point of our walk, where we will follow the Bushranger Bay track all the way down to Cape Schanck and the Lighthouse to walk a extensive boardwalk down to view Pulpit Rock, after lunch at the Fingal Picnic area we will follow the cliff top track down to Gunnamatta Beach and to the cars.
More Info: 0428 447 539 or or
Apr 18 Mon  
Apr 19 Tue  
Apr 20 Wed  
Apr 21 Thu  
Apr 22 Fri  
Apr 23 Sat  
Apr 24 Sun  
Apr 25 Mon  
Apr 26 Tue  
Apr 27 Wed  
Apr 28 Thu  
Apr 29 Fri  
Apr 30 Sat  
May 1 Sun  
May 2 Mon  
May 3 Tue
In place of our regular social gathering, the first part of this night will involve the formal business necessary to satisfy the requirements of our incorporation as an Association, including presentation and acceptance of financial and other reports, and the election of office bearers for the next 12 months. After this, please stay either for a meal or for socialising
More Info: 0428 447 539 or or
May 4 Wed  
May 5 Thu  
May 6 Fri  
May 7 Sat  
May 8 Sun  
May 9 Mon  
May 10 Tue  
May 11 Wed  
May 12 Thu  
May 13 Fri  
May 14 Sat  
May 15 Sun
This walk follows the Federal Tramway that was built in 1933 past many relics and evidence of the early logging operations. This walk winds along a tramway formation along a gradually ascending slight gradient to Starlings Gap
More Info: 0428 447 539 or or
May 16 Mon
Join us at the Committee Meeting to find out what goes on behind the scenes of the Nomads.
RSVP: Not required.
More Info: 0428 447 539 or or
May 17 Tue  
May 18 Wed  
May 19 Thu  
May 20 Fri  
May 21 Sat  
May 22 Sun
Starting from the southern side of Belgrave Station the walk will traverse the residential areas around Belgrave heading towards McNicol Road. At the end of McNicol Road we will enter BirdsLand Reserve; once farmland owned by the Bird Family.
More Info: 0428 447 539 or or
May 23 Mon  
May 24 Tue  
May 25 Wed  
May 26 Thu  
May 27 Fri  
May 28 Sat  
May 29 Sun  
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May 31 Tue  
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Jun 25 Sat
Greek and Gay - 21st Birthday Event
Jun 26 Sun  
Jun 27 Mon  
Jun 28 Tue  
Jun 29 Wed  
Jun 30 Thu  
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Aug 13 Sat
St Kilda v Sydney Swans - Etihad Stadium
Collingwood Town Hall
Aug 14 Sun  
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Sep 30 Fri
Tropical Mardi Gras invites you to show your love in paradise!
Join us for ten days of play in magnificent Tropical North Queensland. Dance parties, pool parties, dive trips, fashion shows, beaches and rainforests... Tropical Mardi Gras has something for everyone in our rainbow family.
26/08/2016 07:45:07 02/10/2016 Splash Pool Party Cairns A massive 13 hour party startin
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Oct 15 Sat
From 1pm. Laird Hotel
Oct 16 Sun  
Oct 17 Mon  
Oct 18 Tue  
Oct 19 Wed  
Oct 20 Thu  
Oct 21 Fri  
Oct 22 Sat  
Oct 23 Sun
Contact JOy for details.
Oct 24 Mon  
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Nov 25 Fri  
Nov 26 Sat
More details to come.
Nov 27 Sun
Departing Melbourne at 0915 to arrive in Bali mid-afternoon then have 6 days/7 nights at the Novatel Nusa Dua, Bali. Spend your time on the beaches, visiting nearby resorts, sightseeing, cruises, and laze around at the resort pool or in your own private plunge pool. Beach & other walks as can be arranged.
More Info: 0428 447 539 or or
Nov 28 Mon  
Nov 29 Tue  
Nov 30 Wed  
Dec 1 Thu
Spend a week in Kuala Lumpur visiting the local sights.
More Info: 0428 447 539 or or
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