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Wednesday June 9, 2021
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Special Features

If a target date is set, you can use the special strings ${target_days} or ${target_years} in the event text to display the number of days or years since (or until) that date. The difference is based on the date of the event instance.

If you want to display the number of days or years from the current date (i.e., today), use ${target_days_now} or ${target_years_now}

You can also use ${target_date} to display the target date itself.

For example, if

  • the target date is May 24, 1941
  • the event text is "Bob Dylan is ${target_years} years old today", and
  • the event occurs on May 24th, 2020,
then the event will display as Bob Dylan is 79 years old today

Or, if:
  • the target date is June 21, 2020
  • the event text is "Summer solstice is in ${target_days}", and
  • the event occurs on April 1, 2020,
then the event will display as Summer solstice is in 81 days

This works with repeating events too, so the displayed interval would change based on the date of the repeating instance.

Finally, if you have an event:
  • with text "The Big Day, in only ${target_days_now} days!"
  • and the target date is set to October 15
then if it's currently October 10th, that will display as The Big Day, in only 5 days! Tomorrow, it would show The Big Day, in only 4 days! Note that with ${target_days_now}, it doesn't matter what day the event occurs on.
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