Calcium Web Calendars

Interactive, customizable calendars - free, no signup required

Calcium web calendars make it easy to manage and display event information. Your calendars are interactive and usable with any web browser - everything is live. You can choose to keep things private, share with anyone you like, or display on your web site for anybody to see.
Calcium calendars are easy to use, but still highly configurable and powerful with many features you won't find in other calendar systems. The ability to set per-user permissions, define custom event fields, and have extensive control over the appearance of your calendars are just a few; see more details here, or try some demo calendars.
You can use Calcium calendars to:
  • display calendars on your web site
  • schedule meetings, vacations, classes, and conferences
  • manage room or resource reservations
  • handle equipment scheduling
  • organize employee shifts or availability
  • share family calendars
Choose a single-calendar system with simple password-based security, or use a multi-calendar enterprise system with user logins.

It's free, and easy to get started - click here.

Advertising is displayed with free calendars; ad-free calendars start at $2/month.