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New Features in v4.0
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What's New in the Latest Release?
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Custom Fields (Optional Feature)
Custom Fields can be defined for events; you can specify any number of data fields for all events in a calendar. Each field has an associated input type, used when adding new events: single-line text, multi-line text, pulldown menu, multiple-choice list, or checkbox. You can specify the options for the pulldown menus and multiple-choice lists, as well as defaults for each field.

Event Templates
Customization using simple templates is available for the custom field section of the Event Entry Form, Event Popup Windows, Event Mail Messages, the "Details" column in List View, and in RSS feeds.

RSS Feeds
Calendars can supply RSS feeds; RSS (0.9, 0.91, 1.0, 2.0), and Atom formats are supported. You can the specify number of days in advance to include events for, and can filter by category and/or text.

iCalendar Publish
You can publish from an iCalendar-compatible calendar to a Calcium calendar. This means that you can - for example - automatically send events from an Apple OS X iCal calendar on your desktop to a Calcium web calendar.

iCalendar Subscription auto-refresh
You can now set subscriptions to external iCalendar files to automatically refresh. As in previous versions, you can set your Calcium calendar to automatically include events from remote external calendars; and you can subscribe to a Calcium calendar from an external calendar.

Open Time Slot Searching
You can search for an open time slot in any or all calendars.

Event Duration limits
A calendar can be set to require minimum or maximum duration for events.

No Last Minute Changes
A calendar can be set to not allow users to modify events within a certain time of their occurrence.

More Customizable Event Privacy
You can set a calendar so that Event Details are hidden from unprivileged users. Also, Event 'Privacy' settings can now apply in the same calendar, instead of only when events are included into another calendar. This means you can specify that an event should only be viewable by the person who created it.

Double-click to add
You can double-click to add a new event in a popup window. (Click in date headers in the Block View, in the date or day or blank cells in the List View.)

Quick Filter by Category
A Category Filter can be displayed in your calendar's header or footer; this lets user click on event categories to toggle displaying events in that category.

Other Features

  • Option to display "Are you sure?" confirmation when deleting events. Can do it for all events, or just repeating ones.
  • It's now possible to have all days in the Block View the same height; if there are too many events to fit in a day, vertical scrollbars can be displayed instead of making the cells taller.
  • Can specify 'identifying text' label for Categories; doesn't have to be just the category name
  • Title, Header, Footer can include variables to expand: $calname, $user, $date, $year, $month, $day
  • Usernames now allow period '.' and at-sign '@'
  • Improvements to User Group admin page; easier to assign users to groups, for installations w/large numbers of users.
  • Subscriptions to Calcium calendars can now filter based on event text or categories
  • Can specify defaults for more fields of new events - text, popup text, privacy/when included, reminder times, reminder "to" address
  • Preference Setting to not display events for previous/next month in the Month Block View
  • Improvements for LDAP Authentication - works better with Active Directory, supports servers that require authentication
  • Admin menus have some javascript effects; the entire line changes color when clickable, and you can click anywhere on the line to select the item.
  • Audit Log - can now use any path, need not be relative to Calcium 'data' directory
  • Added "Friday, Saturday, Sunday" repeat option to Edit Form.
  • CSS class names for each row in the Time Plan view, so different colors or other styles can be assigned for different hours in the day.
  • Can now set permissions for multiple User Groups in multiple calendars at once - from System User Permissions page
  • Calendar Security page now shows which User Group (if any) grants a user higher permission than what is assigned for that particular user
  • Create New Calendar form lets you choose a User Group for Administer rights, not just a single user
  • Top of System Security page now displays User Groups which have System Admin rights, not just individual users
  • Import/Export supports multiple categories per event
  • New CSS Class Name for rows in "Select Calendar" window, so you can have different colors/styles for different calendars
  • Email Reminder now sent only for the first occurrence of a daily repeating event
  • Can login directly from "Permission Denied" screen
  • In Event popup window, Email Subscription signup message now indicates number of days in advance that the mail will be sent.
  • Events included from another calendar will now use the Category colors set in the included calendar

Bug Fixes

  • When exporting events, use calendar sort settings to determine listing order for events in day
  • Fixed tab order problems on Event Edit Form
  • When displaying Search or Filter text at top of results page, escape any HTML in the text
  • When importing iCalendar or Outlook, event border is set from calendar's default setting
  • Font sizes specified in ems; fixes problems w/different browsers inconsistent interpretations of named sizes in CSS
  • Fiscal Views now show correct week numbers for Fiscal Year, not calendar year
  • If bad date passed, stop after displaying the "Bad Date" message; don't attempt to display calendar for bad dates. (Could result in lots of messages in error log.)
  • When adding event, if no primary category specified, but one or more "More Categories" are, instead of having no categories, use first "More" as the primary.

Previous Versions

Take a look at the Change History if you're interested in older versions of Calcium.