Calcium - Get Started

Try your own, private Calcium calendar system. It runs on our servers, so there's nothing to download or install and no payment or email is required. It's private - nobody else will be able to view or modify your calendars (unless you want them to.) You can create up to 5 calendars, and as many different users as you like. Your calendars will have Custom Fields, Email Reminders, and all the other features of Calcium.

After one month, advertising will start appearing on your calendars. You can continue using it for free; or if you want to remove the ads or need more than 5 calendars, you can sign up for the Calendar Service and continue uninterrupted.

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Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Privacy: We don't send unsolicited email and never disclose email addresses or other user/customer information to third parties. Email is used for password recovery, and to identify you as the owner if you have any special requests. It's optional - and if you like, you can add an email address later.