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Including a calendar into a static web page using an iframe
The HTML for that is: <iframe width="650" height="600" src="/calcium/demo?CalendarName=Demo"> </iframe>
Today's events in List View:
(note that there may not be any events for today on the demo calendar)
HTML: <iframe width="650" height="120" src="/calcium/demo?CalendarName=Demo&Type=List&Amount=Day&PrintView=1&PrintColors=all"> </iframe>

The current week, in Block View:
HTML: <iframe width="650" height="200" src="/calcium/demo?CalendarName=Demo&Amount=Week&PrintView=1&PrintColors=all"> </iframe>

The next 3 days, List View:
HTML: <iframe width="650" height="200" src="/calcium/demo?CalendarName=Demo&Type=List&StartDate=-0&EndDate=2&PrintView=1&PrintColors=all"> </iframe>

The next 4 days, Time Plan view:
HTML: <iframe width="650" height="200" src="/calcium/demo?CalendarName=Demo&Type=TimePlan&StartDate=-0&EndDate=3&PrintView=1&PrintColors=all"> </iframe>