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Calcium Documentation - Notes on Certain Web Servers
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There's a small problem with certain Web Servers, including Netscape's FastTrack and Enterprise, as well as the Xitami web server. If you're using one of these servers and see errors about 'URL not found' when submitting a form or pressing the `Done' button, you'll need a slightly modified Calcium Perl file.

The file is called ; download it using the link below, and put it in the upgrades/Operation directory of your Calcium installation.

Right-click the link (or click and hold, depending on your browser) and "Save Link As..." plain text. (It's an ASCII file of Perl code.)     install in the upgrades/Operation directory

That should do it!

Note: This is for the current version of Calcium, 4.0. Do not use for older installations.

In case you're interested, the only change is that a line like this:

        $url = $cgi->url (-relative => 1);
is changed to this:
        $url = $cgi->url ();