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Calcium Documentation - Auditing
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Calcium can keep a record of every operation that is performed. You can choose to log this information to a file, and you can also have Calcium send email whenever anybody does anything.

Of course, this could be a lot of email, so you can restrict which type of operations generate mail or log entries.

There are two main classes of operations; System Level Operations, and Calendar Specific Operations.

System Level Operations

System Auditing is controlled via the Auditing link from the main System Administration page.

System operations include:
  • Modification of System level options (e.g. System Security, Email settings)
  • Creation, deletion, and renaming of calendars
  • Creation and deletion of users
  • Users logging in and logging out
  • User email address and password changes
Calendar Operations

Auditing for an individual calendar is controlled via the Auditing link on the Administration page for that calendar.

Calendar Auditing levels correspond to Calendar Security levels; you can generate audit log entries or email for each View, Add, Edit, or Admin operation. A common use for Calendar Auditing is to send email to an administrator whenever events are Added or Edited.