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Calcium Documentation - Event Categories
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Event Categories can be used to establish default colors for certain events, as well as for searching and filtering. You can define System-wide categories, as well as categories that are specific to individual calendars.

There is no limit to the number of different categories you can have, and you can use "special" characters like spaces and apostrophes in category names.

You can specify color and border settings for each category; these will be used when displaying events. You can also choose to have the name of the category displayed with events.

Defining System-wide Categories

You need Calcium System Administration rights to define System-level Categories. Follow the Categories link from the System Administration page, enter the name and information for a new Category, and press the Save button. You can also delete existing categories from this page.

Calendar-specific Categories

Each calendar can also have its own category settings. If a calendar Category has the same name as a system-level category, the calendar settings override those defined at the system level.