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Calcium Documentation - Email Administration
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Calcium System Administrators can customize email settings. From the System Administration page, follow the Email Settings link to view or modify these settings:

  • SMTP host - this is the DNS name or IP address of the machine to use to send mail. If you leave it blank (recommended), the same machine that Calcium is running on is used.
  • From address - what to put in the "From:" field for all email sent from Calcium
  • Signature text - any text specified here will be appended to every message sent from Calcium.

Email Aliases

You can also manage Email Aliases from this page. An alias can be used to save typing; if you frequently specify a list of addresses for Notification when creating events, it's easier to simply type, for example

than it is to type,,,

To create a new alias, enter the alias and the list of addresses. Each address in the list should be separated by a comma. Press the "Add/Modify/Delete" button to add the alias.

To modify an existing alias, simply make your changes, and press the same button. You can delete an alias by selecting the "Delete?" checkbox, and saving.

Testing Email

Finally, there's a section at the bottom of this page to test your settings. After making and saving your settings, you can enter an email address (or a defined alias) and try sending a test message. The mail will be sent, and a message will inform you of any errors.