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Calcium Documentation - Calendar Groups
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Calcium lets you define groups of related Calendars. Calendar Groups are used to limit which calendars appear in selection lists, such as the "Dynamic Include" configuration screen, the "Select a Calendar" popup, and the "Settings" pages which let you change settings in multiple calendars at once.

You can also set permissions for a User Group in a Calendar Group; this makes it easy to assign permissions for a set of users in an entire collection of calendars.

The list of calendars on the main Calcium page is sorted first by group, then alphabetically by calendar name within each group. Organizations with a large number of calendars may find these features useful.

Any calendar can belong to one or more groups. Only other calendars from groups a calendar is in will be displayed when the "Select a Calendar" link is selected from that calendar, or when selecting other calendars to include. Any calendars which are not in any group will always appear in these lists.

For example, you might be using Calcium to provide calendars for a company with Accounting, Marketing, and Development groups. Each group might have 20 or 30 users, each with their own calendar. Calendar groups could be used to limit how many calendars are presented in these lists, making navigation and selection easier.

Calendar Groups can also be used to restrict which calendars appear in the "Add Event to Multiple Calendars" control on the Event Entry form.

Adding or Deleting Groups

System Administration permission is required to change group settings. From the main System Administration menu, follow the "Calendar Groups" link. The top section of the Calendar Groups admin page is used to Add or Delete Calendar Groups; enter a new group name and/or select an existing group for deletion, then press the button. Group names can contain only letters, digits, and the underscore.

Assigning Calendars to Groups

Once one or more Groups have been created, you need to specify which calendars are in which groups. The bottom half of the page has controls for this - you'll see a list of existing groups, as well as a list of all calendars.

Select a Group to bring up a form to specify which calendars are in that group. All calendars are listed - simply select which ones should belong to the group, and press the "Save" button. (Conversely, make sure calendars that should not be in the group are not selected.)

Or choose a Calendar to use a form to specify which Groups that particular calendar is in.

(Note that Multiple selection works differently in different browsers; you may need to hold down the "Control" or "Shift" key while clicking on items in the list after you select the first one.)