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Calcium Documentation - Subscribing to Calcium from a Remote Calendar
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You can view your Calcium calendar events in another external calendar - like the Google calendar, or Apple's iCal on your desktop. You'll need to set up an iCalendar Subscription in the remote calendar, using a URL for your Calcium calendar.

First Step - get the Subscription URL for your Calcium calendar

To get the 'iCalendar Subscripion' URL for your Calcium calendar, browse to your calendar in Calcium, and:

  • click the Options link at bottom; that will bring up a popup window with a menu of links.
  • choose iCalendar Subscription
  • set appropriate options (e.g. whether to use included events, login if required)
  • click the Subscribe to this calendar button
  • the URL for the subscription will be displayed at bottom; it will look something like:
    copy that entire URL to your clipboard

Next Step - configure the remote calendar

  • Subscribing from a Google calendar

    Now, go to your Google calendar, and click the "Add" link:

    then choose "Add by URL" from the popup menu:

    this small popup form will come up:

    This is where you need to enter the Subscription URL you copied from Calcium. Paste that in from your clipboard and press the "Add Calendar" button. If all goes well, your Calcium events should then appear on your Google calendar.

    Google will automatically refresh the data; unfortunately, they don't let you configure how often that will happen, but it's typically at least once a day.

  • Subscribing from Apple's iCal

    To do this from iCal on your Mac, go to iCal and choose Calendar --> Subscribe from the menu bar:

    then paste the URL you copied from Calcium into the "Calendar URL" field, and press "Subscribe":

  • Subscribing from an iPhone or iPad
    1. Go to "Settings" → "Mail, Contacts, Calendars"
    2. Tap "Add Account..."
    3. then "Other"
    4. then "Add Subscribed Calendar"
    5. and enter the URL from "First Step" above

  • Other Calendars

    Any other calendar application that supports the iCalendar format for calendar data should be able to subscribe to Calcium. Configure the application to retrieve the events using the Calcium URL from the first step.