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Calcium Documentation - Dynamic Include
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Including Events from Other Calendars

You can specify that events from other calendars should be included when you display your calendar. When events are added or changed in the included calendar, you'll automatically see those changes on your calendar.

You specify which other calendars to include events from via your calendar's Administration page. Select the Include other Calendars link from the Settings page for your calendar. You'll see a list of all the other calendars which you have permission to include.

Select the calendars you want to include events from, using the checkboxes.

You can choose to include only events in specific categories for each included calendar. If you select one or more categories, only categories in those events will appear. If no categories are selected, events will be included regardless of category.

If you like, you can override the colors which are specified in included events, and choose the colors to use for all events from an included calendar. You can also opt to draw a border around every event from an included calendar.

In addition, you're able to specify text that will be displayed above each included event, in a smaller font. This can be used to further identify which calendar an included event is from. HTML tags are permitted here.

Events included from other calendars can have special properties:

  • Events marked Private will not show up at all when included
  • Events with Private Popups will appear, but you won't be able to see their popup text
  • Other events may appear only with a special string, such as "Unavailable"
See Event Privacy in the Adding Events page for details.

Note: The Dynamic Include feature is not recursive; if you include a calendar which includes another calendar, only events from the first included calendar will appear. For instance, you might have three calendars University, College, and Department, in which:

  • University includes College
  • College includes Department
The University calendar will display only events which are defined in the College calendar; events from Department will not appear when viewing the University calendar.