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Calcium Documentation - Apple OS X Installation Tips
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Installing Calcium on Apple's OS X is straightforward, as it's really just another unix-type system. Just open a Terminal window and follow these steps:
Note: you can find 'Terminal' in the "Utilities" folder, inside "Applications"

  1. Change directories to the server's CGI location:

    $ cd /Library/WebServer/CGI-Executables

  2. Download the installation package:

    $ curl -O

  3. Unpackage the installation:

    $ tar zxvf Calcium4_0_4.tar.gz

  4. Change file permissions so the web server can create and write the data files

    $ chown -R www CalciumDir40/data
    Or, if not logged in as root:
    $ sudo chown -R www CalciumDir40/data
    (and you'll need to enter your password when prompted)

Then try browsing to the approrpriate URL, e.g.:
General Installation Instructions

See the Installation Tips page for more general information on installing Calcium.

Detailed list of installation

Please see the Installed Files page for details on how your installation should look.