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Calcium Documentation - Introduction
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Getting Started

Once Calcium is installed, browse to the Calcium URL. Whoever installed Calcium can tell you where to go, but it's usually something like:
or maybe

This will bring up the main Calcium page. If you haven't logged into Calcium during this browser session, you'll see a Login link, and a list of all calendars that are open to public viewing.

(Note: there aren't any default or pre-defined Calcium users; one of the first things that should be done after installation is to create some. Please see the System Security page for more information on this.)

Once you do log in, you'll see a link for each calendar that you are allowed to view. If you have Administer privileges in a calendar, a link for that will appear as well. And if you have permission to perform System Administration, you'll see that option, too.

You can get directly to a calendar by specifying its name as extra pathinfo in the URL. For instance, to get to the "Meetings" calendar, use something like:

Some web servers don't support that syntax; you can also go directly to a calendar by specifying its name as the value of the "CalendarName" parameter. To get directly to the "Meetings" calendar this way, use something like:

Typically though, you'll be following links and won't need to enter URLs at all.