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Calcium Documentation - Email
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There are a variety of types of email messages that Calcium can send. Some are included in the base product, while some are part of the optional "Email Reminders" package.

All versions of Calcium include these types of mail:

  • Email Notifications
    Event Notifications are messages which can be sent at the time an event is created or edited. The person adding or modifying the event can specify who should receive the notification mail.
  • Auditing Email
    Auditing mail are messages that can be sent whenever a calendar is accessed. Calendars can be configured to automatically send email to one or more email addresses, and a calendar administrator can choose which operations generate mail - viewing the calendar, adding events, editing or deleting events, or administration functions. Auditing mail can also be sent for system-level activities, such as user login/logout, or calendar creation and deletion.

The optional "Email Reminders and Subscriptions" feature provides more email capabilities. Reminder and Subscription messages are not sent at the time an event is created, but instead are sent relative to the date and time an event is scheduled to occur.

  • Email Reminders
    Reminder messages are sent at pre-specified times before an event is scheduled to occur; e.g. "2 hours before". The times and email addresses are specified when the event is created or modified, so only users with at least Add permission can set them up. These are typically used for a user's personal calendar.
  • Email Subscriptions
    Subscription messages are sent to anybody who signs up for them - any user who can view a calendar can sign up, at any time. These messages are sent a certain number of days in advance of the date of the event; the number of days is set by the calendar administrator.

    Users can enter their email address on the popup window for a particular event. Or, using the 'Subscription' form from the Options menu, they can subscribe to all events in the calendar or only events in certain categories.
    Note: Subscription messages are not available for events in the past; so, the space to enter an email address will not appear in the popup window for an event that has already occurred.