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Calcium Documentation - Creating New Calendars
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When Calcium is installed, it creates a calendar with a default name (e.g. "Calendar1"). You can rename the default calendar, and - if you have the Professional version - you can create as many new calendars as your license allows.

To create a new calendar, follow the New Calendar link from the main System Administration page.

On this page, specify a name and description to identify your new calendar. If you are logged in and have created users, you can select an owner for the new calendar. The "owner" is simply a user that will be assigned Administration privileges for the new calendar. You can also add or change Administrative users from the Calendar Security page after creating the calendar.

You can choose to copy settings (e.g. colors, header, footer, security) from an existing calendar, or use the System Defaults.

Create the new calendar by pressing the Create Calendar button. You can then follow a link to display that calendar, or you can continue creating more calendars.

Notes on Calendar Names
Only letters, numbers, and underscores may be used in calendar names. This name is only used as a short ID for each calendar; you can display whatever name or text you like on the calendar itself (including HTML, such as an image or your company logo.) Whenever a list of calendars is presented, the calendar description is also displayed. (The description can also be any text, including HTML.)