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Calcium Documentation - System Defaults
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Setting Defaults which can be used by New Calendars

When you create a new calendar, many settings for the new calendar are initialized to default values. You can choose to copy those settings from an existing calendar, or from the System Defaults. The default settings include:

Display Settings date and time formats, general display options
General Settings language and special calendar behavior
Colors colors for events, header colors, etc.
Fonts fonts to use in different places
Header, Footer, Background text for headers and footers, default background image
Add-Ins which Add-In events, if any, to include by default
Security security settings
Auditing auditing settings

These defaults for new calendars can be set from the second section of the main System Administration page.

After a calendar is created, you can customize any of these settings for that particular calendar.

Note: not applicable for the Demo or Personal editions