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Calcium Documentation - System Security
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Controlling Access to System Administration

When you first start using Calcium, no security is enabled. Unless you change this, anybody who can browse to your system can see any calendar, add, edit or delete events, change settings, and even create and delete calendars.

Since you likely want to control this, the first thing to do after installing Calcium is to restrict access to System Administration. After that, you can create new calendars and set security for each of them individually

To set up security, you first need to add Calcium users. You should add at least one user who will be the System Administrator. (See the Users page for instructions on creating new users.)

Then, after you've got a user who will be performing system administration, you need to restrict access to System Administration functions from anyone else. To get to these settings, follow the System Security link from the main System Administration page.

If you've just created a new user, you might not be logged in yet. If you try to restrict System Administration privileges without logging in, you'll get an error message, since you're not allowed to remove your own privileges. So, click the Login link to log in as the user you've created.

Once you've logged in and are viewing the System Security page, select the checkbox next to the users that you want to have System Administration privileges. Also, make sure the "Only the users selected below" radio button is selected.

Finally, click the Set Permissions button to save your changes..