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Calcium Documentation - User Permissions
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Setting User Permissions in Multiple Calendars

While the Calendar Security form allows a Calendar Administrator to set permissions for users in a single calendar, a System Administrator can easily set permissions for one or more users in multiple calendars, using the System User Permissions form.

This form is reached via the User Permissions link from the System Administration page.

The page is divided into two sections; the top half is a list of all users in the system, while the bottom half lists each calendar, with a choice of permission settings for each one.

Select one or more users from the list, then choose the permissions for each calendar in the bottom section. When you press the "Set Permissions" button, permissions for each selected user will be set to the level selected for each calendar.

Important Notes:
  • If a user has System Administration privileges, they will always have Administer privileges in every calendar. If you try to change their permission, it will revert to "Administer".
  • You cannot remove your own Administer privileges.