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For Licensed Users

Registered Calcium users have access to features and customizations that aren't in the demo release.

You'll need your registration username and password to download these enhancements.

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Enhancements for Calcium, version 4.0
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Popup Calendar View

Display a small "thumbnail" calendar in a popup window, with a listing of one day's events. The displayed day can be changed by clicking on the small calendar; or click to display the full calendar in a new window. The popup is activated by clicking a new link that appears in the "This Calendar" menu below the main calendar.

(Example, popup window)
Download or MiniCal.tar.gz, and unpackage in the "upgrades" directory; there are two files:
  • Calendar/
  • Operation/

External Add-In File Refresh

If you have Add-In files that were retrieved from URLs, they can be refreshed - i.e. re-downloaded - automatically. To do that, you need to download this script; it should be run by a system scheduling utility (e.g. unix/OS X cron, or the Windows Scheduler). Each time it runs, any Add-Ins that are due to be refreshed will be retrieved and updated in your Calcium installation.

Download the RefreshAddIns script, and put it in your main Calcium installation directory.
    (Right-click the link, and pick "Save Link As..." or "Save Target As...")

Publish iCalendar to Calcium

With this enhancement, you can publish iCalendar files to your Calcium web calendars. The iCalendar data can come from external applications such as Apple's iCal or the Google Calendar.

A separate script is needed support this; it needs to be installed on the same machine that Calcium is on.

Download the script, and put it in your cgi-bin directory, or wherever you have the main Calcium script installed.
    (Right-click the link, and pick "Save Link As..." or "Save Target As...")

See Installing for more information about setting it up, and Publishing to Calcium for help on using it.