Funk City Wedding Band Cal
August 2020
Swindon superbowl
Adam and Amy Jones
Moved to 7th August 2021
Mandy moving in
Billy lesson 8:30. Find guitar
6pm Shana, dilion robin
Park farm,
Westorpe, corsham, sn131qf. Private road. Big walnut tree and petrol pump.
Corona change. Moved to Thursday 12th of August 2021.
Eloise Volley duo warickshire.
Steph rehearsing 9-1pm
Steph rehearsing 7pm
proposed pounding
trip to Torquay
Lauren party Torquay
Anneliese and Jamie. cancelled and not moving date. #soSad
Craig and Laura FC3 CANCELLED and moved but no date confirmed.
Emily and Dan. Harrogate moved to May 21
Lauren and ruby party
Steph rehearsing 7pm
Online RTT show weather
Swindon super bowl
RTT Trowbridge festival 10-11:30
Leanne 40th party fc3 w/female vocals and drums bristol JBMU has made a list of songs already
MOVED to DEC 5th 2020 Corinial
School back here!
Flying monk. Maybe duo
Charlotte and Justin Bournemouth
solo at 4pm and reception. 50
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