8th AF Museum, Volunteer Tour Guide Calendar
July 2019
Jul 1 Mon    
Jul 2 Tue Young Horton??
Jones and Horton
Jul 3 Wed Kristin and Horton??
Jul 4 Thu    
Jul 5 Fri    
Jul 6 Sat    
Jul 7 Sun    
Jul 8 Mon    
Jul 9 Tue Young
Jul 10 Wed kramer?? or Randy
Jul 11 Thu Hendrix
Jul 12 Fri Randy
Jul 13 Sat    
Jul 14 Sun    
Jul 15 Mon    
Jul 16 Tue Kristin
Jul 17 Wed scavenger hunt
Jul 18 Thu Jones and Buck
Jul 19 Fri Kramer
Horton?? and Kramer
Jul 20 Sat    
Jul 21 Sun    
Jul 22 Mon Adams
Jul 23 Tue    
Jul 24 Wed    
Jul 25 Thu scav hunt
Jul 26 Fri Adams and Ray
Jul 27 Sat    
Jul 28 Sun    
Jul 29 Mon    
Jul 30 Tue    
Jul 31 Wed    
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