David K. Hiscock is available as
ProTem Hearing Officer Arbitrator Mediator
call 206-789-9551 BallardLawOffice@gmail.com
for a Non-Availability Calendar to expedite scheduling
September/October 2018
1. The Need to Know
8:45am First contact @AMT - Leary
1:00pm Sec8 8 hrg @ SHA -1847Tau
12:01pm Bailey Boushay Wills Clinic
Available morning
12:15pm ADR committee mtg @ KCBA
Case Review - close/certify non-participants
8:30am Seattle Federal Executive Board - training
2. The Need To Be Right
9:00am follow up review @ THA
12:01pm Status review w/ FRB @Bay
Case Review - close/certify non-participants
3. The Need To Get Even
12:15am Review ComSvc @Forst
Available morning
2:00pm FFA mediation 18103Mala2 @ PkVu
4. The Need To Look Good
FFA Mediations - Reminder:
$600 initial fee.
$200 re-sched req 30+ days adv session date.
$400 re-sched req 30- days adv session date.
$600 new session/TPP mon
Fees Split Equally
Available morning
9:30am MAR Hearing reset - 1836Prog/Frox
12:15pm UB + business mtg
Available afternoon
9:30am FFA mediation @ PkVu - 18104Nas
Case Reviews - evaluate participation and close/cancel as necc
5. The Need To Judge
12:01pm Bailey Boushay Wills Clinic
9:30am FFA mediation @ C912 - 18105Perkx
1:30pm FFA mediation re-sched @C912 94Hold4x
2:00pm FFA mediation - TPP/Final mod review 00Pete3x - cert7/3
Available today
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