Jeremy training
July 2020
1- long run 80min

1- monday type day, total 7-8 miles
green hurdles/ hurdle walks
4x 20 sec strides with jog back between each

1- 55-60 min run with 3x 10 min in middle at threshold effort, 90 sec easy between each

3 recovery runs total 7-9 miles
1x 20 min core, 1x 10 min core, 1x 5 min core
2x MYRTL/ 2x 7 way hips
1x hamstring exercises (3x8) between sets 1x 45 sec slow mtn climbers
3x barefoot strength
3x full body stretch on app
50-55 miles this week

long run of 12-13

Monday type day with drills and 4x 15 sec quick strides

60 min run with 25 min alternating 5 min quick/ 5 min 1:00 slower

7 mile run with 5x 2:00 surges in middle
core x3
barefoot walks x3
hamstring exercises x1 (3x 10)
2x 7 way hips
55 this week

long run of 13-14

1 monday type day total 8-9
green hurdles/ walks
3x 30 sec strides

1- 9 miles with 3x 10 min threshold in middle, jog 2:30 between each on third, increase pace every 2 minutes

remaining runs recovery
1 long run 11-12 nd half quicker

1 Monday type day total 7-8 miles with green hurdles
4x 15 sec strides from standing start, walk back between each
5 min cool down

1- 8-9 miles with 3x 6:00 in middle run 2:00 between each at 7:00 pace #1 and 2, nice and steady, #3 cutting pace down every 2:00

2 easy day total 6-9 miles

1- 8 mile run with 20 min alternating 1;00 quicker/ 1:00 easy
3x core holding planks for 1:40
1x hamstring exercises (3x8) between sets 1x 15 seated dips
2x towel curls, 1x barefoot wall touches
2x 7 way hips/ 2x MYRTL
3x barefoot walks
1x 8 mile run
Carrie sprint drills
4x 20 sec stride from standing start, jog back
5 min cool down

1- 9 mile run
in middle of run 10 min threshold, jog 3:00
8 min threshold jog 2:30
6 min threshold increasing every 2:00

1- 45 min run
good set of drills
5x 90 sec at conservative 5k pace with 70 sec rest between each
10-15 min cool down

Long run of 85-95 min run

easy days total 6-9
3x core with 2x 45 sec spiderman/ 2x 12 Hip raises
1x hamstring exercises (3x 10)
barefoot walks + towel curls x 2
1x yoga
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