LSA 5th Floor 780
- You MUST BE TRAINED by Nipam Patel or Jacques Bothma before using this microscope and be signed up to the mailing list (
- Peak hours are 9am-6pm, M-F.
- All users must include their name, lab affiliation and sign-up type on the calendar. If you are combining 2 sign up types (e.g. peak and off peak, or same day with advance) to extend your time slot, sign up for separate sessions with the appropriate sign-up type.
- There is a 4hr max usage per session by a given user during peak hours.
- Same day sign up is unrestricted and starts at 5pm the day before.
- Overnight sessions start at 8pm. They can only be extended or started earlier according to the conditions listed below.
- Last minute cancellations are strongly discouraged (see below). user must notify the listserve ( ASAP for any changes made that free up time within 24hrs (i.e. canceling a session or reducing it's duration) AND annotate these changes on the online calendar.
- Advanced signups are limited to a window of 7 days
November 2020
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