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April/May 2011
11:00am TALK - Jack Atherton and Dr. Joyce Thierer discuss Emporias role in Bleeding Kansas and the Civil War.,4/6/2011,11:00 AM,4/6/2011,,false,NM - Shanna Bassett previews the John Blaufuss Run-Walk on April 29.,4/7/2011,07:15 AM,4/7/2011,,false,- ESU students Molly Campbell and Erin Gerstberger discuss Sleep In A Box beginning Friday.,4/7/2011,08:15 AM,4/7/2011,,false,(:35) - Emporia Gazette food editor Regina Murphy discusses bacon doughnuts.,4/7/2011,08:30 AM,4/7/2011,,false,(:40) ESU atlhetics media relations coordinator Don Weast previews upcoming Hornet sports events.,4/8/2011,06:30 AM,4/8/2011,,false,NM - Farmers Market Director Tracy Simmons discusses the last Winter Market of the season April 9 and previews the regular market season.,4/8/2011,07:15 AM,4/8/2011,,false,- Philip Martin previews the ESU Glass Guild Blowout on April 9.,4/8/2011,08:15 AM,4/8/2011,,false,(:35) - Emporia Fire Marshal Tom Andrews highlights a carbon monoxide detector giveaway program.,4/8/2011,08:30 AM,4/8/2011,,false,TALK - Representatives of Newman Regional Health preview the annual Teddy Bear Clinic.,4/8/2011,11:00 AM,4/8/2011,,false,(:10) SPORTSTALK - KVOE AM and KVOE.com,4/9/2011,08:00 AM,4/9/2011,,false,"(:10) EMPORIUM. Buy, Sell, Rent, or Trade for FREE",4/9/2011,09:00 AM,4/9/2011,,false,"NM - Golden Ball organizers Kat Gosha, John Rich and Lindsay Allen preview the April 14 event.",4/11/2011,07:15 AM,4/11/2011,,false,MMQB,4/11/2011,10:00 AM,4/11/2011,,false,TALK - Lyon County Attorney Marc Goodman discusses the countys crime statistics and trends.
3:00pm - Live coverage of ESUs official announcement of its new mens basketball coach.
7:15am NM - Trudy Hutchinson details a recycling special for Hetlinger Developmental Services on April 16 and the timeline for construction at the facility.
8:30am NM - Organizers discuss an upcoming homeopathic remedy seminar at Natures Paradise.,4/13/2011,07:15 AM,4/13/2011,,false,- Becki Goodman of First Congregational Church details an effort to get Bibles to troops overseas.,4/13/2011,08:15 AM,4/13/2011,,false,(:35) - Composer Bruce Trinkley previews performances by the ESU Opera Theater on April 15-16.,4/13/2011,08:30 AM,4/13/2011,,false,TALK - Members of the National Teachers Hall of Fame discuss inductions and a special fundraiser April 16.,4/13/2011,11:00 AM,4/13/2011,,false,NM - David Traylor Zoo Outreach Coordinator Angela Anderson previews the Party for the Planet on April 17.,4/14/2011,07:15 AM,4/14/2011,,false,- Bob Hush details procedures for booking birthday parties and the miniature train.,4/14/2011,08:15 AM,4/14/2011,,false,(:35) - City Water Treatment Plant Manager Philip Cooper discusses the citys recent honor of having the best tasting water in Kansas.
7:15am NM - Organizers Jeremy Rusko and Jake Newell join world champion disc golfer Eric McCabe to preview the Emporia Glassblown Open.
8:15am - ESU Health Promotions professor Dr. Jennifer Thomas has five fascinating food facts and also previews Laps For Landon.
11:00am TALK - members of ESB Financial preview ESB Shred and Recycle Day.
8:00am (:10) SPORTSTALK - KVOE AM and KVOE.com
9:00am (:10) EMPORIUM. Buy, Sell, Rent, or Trade for FREE
7:15am NM - Camp Alexander Director Damon Leiss promotes summer camps and upcoming paintball games.
8:15am Tina Khan to discuss Apr. 29 Relay for Life
10:00am MMQB
11:00am TALK - Shanna Bassett highlights ESU Blaufuss Run/Walk Fri. Apr. 29
7:15am NM - City Solid Wsate Supervisor Keith Senn previews free landfill days.
8:15am Casey Woods previews The Taste.
7:15am NM - Britton Hart and Randy Wells preview the Emporia High/Kansas Classic track meet.
11:00am TALK - Preview of Emporia Recreation Comm. Summer Programs.
7:15am NM - Chamber President Jeanine McKenna details the Chambers trip to Tuscany.,4/21/2011,07:15 AM,4/21/2011,,false,"Daryl Jones highlighting the FH Optimist Easter Egg Hunt, Sat. April 23.",4/21/2011,08:15 AM,4/21/2011,,false,NM-Wilma Malone will preview NRHs FREE Diabetes Community Health Fair
8:15am Reverend Norbert Tegtmeier Messiah Luthern Church on the Community Easter Celebration Service, Sun. April 24
11:00am TALK - Main Street Director Casey Woods highlights The Taste.
8:00am (:10) SPORTSTALK - KVOE AM and KVOE.com
9:00am (:10) EMPORIUM. Buy, Sell, Rent, or Trade for FREE
12:45pm (:50) - ESU softball vs. Pittsburg State. First pitch at 1 pm on Mix 104.9 FM and KVOE.com.
8:00am Messiah Lutheran Community Easter Celebration from the Lyon County Fairgrounds on 14 KVOE and KVOE.com.
7:15am NM - Emporia Symphony Orchestra conductor Jeremy Starr previews the April 26 concert.
10:00am MMQB
11:00am TALK - Amy Becker and Bill Hanlon preview the FHTC Sustainable Energy Fair on April 30.
7:15am NM - Brittany Ramirez previews a Mad Hatter Mother-Daughter Tea Party on April 30.
8:15am - Dr. Jennifer Thomas promotes Laps 4 Landon.
5:00pm -6 pm Scott Hayes broadcasts live from Laps For Landon on 14 KVOE and KVOE.com.
7:15am NM - Arts Council Director Melissa Windsor previews the Diamond W Wranglers show April 29.
11:00am TALK - ESU Theater previews A Midsummer Night's Dream.
7:15am NM- Tina Khan previews Fri and Sat Relay for Life activities.
8:15am - Shana Bassett previews the John Blaufuss Run-Walk on April 29 at ESU.
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