October 2019
Katie works 10-4.30
Recording w Terry - S Poyntz
Danny Bryant at the EP
EP Jack Dee? Matt shadow Jack Dee.
Pick up children from school. Dorch - Tom Browns Pauline rehearsal. Go along
Katie works 10-4.30
Tom Glover show at EP. Can tech if req
Recording w Terry S Poyntz
COllect projector from Rob
Collect XLRs from Nick
1pm drop gear into Youth Centre. (EP's mic stands, XLRs, mackies) Swap monitors with BAC.
Prog EP desk?!
12th Oct Christians. I'm not involved! Rehearse Exeter 1pm
Charity thing in Youth Centre
Fairport BAC gear?
Chris Packham and MSB no10
midday meet Martin Maudsley? Soulshine.
Milton Jones EP Josh watch?
Katie works 10-4.30
John Bishop
See Jake & Grace's place Eype - take Spike
SET UP WITH SPIKE EP. Tour manager arr 1-2
John Bishop
ANdy Knight gig Boarhunt thing?!
John Bishop (Josh do it?)
Frankenstein for Kids
Circo Ridiculoso at Lyric see tech spec. Simple apart from table?!
11am and 2pm but 8am get in!!!! (Me 9am?)
Sam's 40th!
Katie works 10-4.30
Small Mercies rehearse eve? Can I stay awake?
Msb quicksilver
Peter & the Wolf daytime shows BAC
Burlesque thing ep 2 headset mics. Awaiting wetransfer music
Gwen's bday
Matt covering Scratch & Spit in The Lyric.
Katie works 10-4.30
Lyric drinks w volunteers? 7pm
SWIM skalatans? 10 am look at yc studio
Look after kiddies in day
Mandy bandy squirrel inn
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