Mokan Appointments
December 2018/January 2019
syd follow up
dental burtons
med sup - cliff manning
med sup - earl barnes
med sup - jan davis
syd follow up jeannie vergrubbe for med sup change
syd follow up underwriting for med sup andrew Simonson
Call Gtl Michele Berson
m mike send in arrell Wassons app to delta dental after he emails his signature page.
syd - do img quote for von tersche and richter
syd - follow up christine jones anniversary policy change in missouri
syd fu peggy barker dental 816 505 2180
10:00am syd office- m branstead
1:00pm syd ofc ellen polsky
2:30pm syd ofc beth cosner
4:00pm syd phone pat pappenfuhs
4:30pm Syd phone David Vaughan med Sup
9:00am syd infusion remicade menorah
12:00pm m call leslie miles 913 280-6373 to discuss os plan g
4:00pm - 5:00pm Syd. Mary graham phone health insurance
m mike check delta dental claims for barbara smith
8:00am - 10:00am m mike allergy shot
10:30am mike see eye doctor mdr matthew t at ku eye clinic 7400 staste line rd 91`3 588-6600
12:00pm syd lunch at North with Joann and Lori
4:00pm Syd. Herb. Phone.
1:00pm syd-docappt kerstin stephens kumed
11:00am syd ofc tony nigro 913 220 8632
2:00pm syd-phone appt pam auerbach
4:00pm syd phone-barnes fred and jeanne
m mike check to see if we got back dennis reineckers os app
mike or syd -- call back dennis and cathy talbott with dental plans/prices
Xmas lights with Steve and Sherry
syd-larry lewis - look for plan g med sup -- post polio in wheelchair
9:00am m syd suzanne boand ltc syd 913 335 -1115 talk about ltc
7:30am m ku cancer center 2650 shawnee mission pkwy dr lee suite 2200 913 945-5955 urology dept
9:00am m mike dr asalina ku med ctr
9:00am syd infusion 10am
7:00am 7.00 amitting come back between 3 and 4 capsule endocopy
1:30pm syd ofc clint anderson with merrill ltynch 913 906 5264
8;15 ku dermatology raj para 4th floor pod c 913 588-3908 mike
laura groce - on medico - has ra with infusions -- can she go to aarp
9:00am m mike infusioin 103rd st kc mo
call kathleen bryan re ltc
syd - jeff wharton - t65 319 752 8286 - or cell 319-750-0727 - lives in iowa railroad
check status leslie miles os plan g eff 2/1/18
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