Tulane April 2019 ID Schedule
Consults at UMC are determined by the institution of the requesting service/attending or if the patient was previously seen by TMC ID. (i.e. Tulane services consult Tulane ID and LSU services consult LSU ID unless the patient was previously seen or follows with Tulane ID, then Tulane ID should be consulted).

TMC Attending: Cormier Apr. 1st-15th (337-256-3511), Percak Apr. 16th-18th, Schieffelin Apr. 22nd-30th
TMC Fellow: McDougal Apr. 1st-5th, No Fellow Apr. 8th-30th, (Fellow's contact info in footer of page)

UMC Attending: Fusco Apr. 1st-15th, Mushatt Apr. 16th-30th
UMC Fellow: Brice Apr. 1st-5th, Dwyer Apr. 8th-30th

VA: Zheng Apr. 1st-5th, McDougal Apr. 8th-18th, No Fellow Apr. 22nd-30th

Good Friday Holiday Schedule, Apr. 19th-21st:
- Attending: Mushatt
- Fellow: Dwyer

Please see calendar below for the attending and fellow on call for WEEKENDS. Note hours for WEEKEND CALL! Weekend call starts Friday at 5pm and ends on Monday at 7am. Same outline applies for HOLIDAY schedules, call starts 5PM the day before holiday schedule and ends the following day of the holiday schedule at 7AM.
October/November 2019
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