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Free Internet Calendars - Comments and Feedback
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Love the calendar. Great job!
I did extensive on line searches for a good calendar. I experimented with many of the "big boys" (Google, Hotmail, etc.) but they did NOT deliver what your company has come up with. You have TONS of colors which are important to help us manage our installation and sales call appointments. I have given each salesperson and installation crew their own category color and its perfect for our needs. We can print up individual work orders (an event print) and distribute to repective crews on installation day. We can also print a daily version to give us our daily appointment/install schedule. This has been an extremely helpful tool. The fact that our staff can view (But NOT edit) information from their cell phones while out the field is BRILLIANT. I know other calendars offer much the same things but yours is different. It is more powerful, easier to use, and you allow VOLUMES to written if that is what is needed. You may want to target this type of software to small construction companies, handyman businesses and the like. Efficient accurate scheduling is vital to a smooth operation of our types of business and your calendar is the first that offers everything we need. ... Your calendar will improve our operations drastically. Thank you!
I looked for an online calendar for quite some time before I found you...needless to say I will never look elsewhere!
I've find your calender service by searching the web. Your calender was one of the best, and we really enjoy your service. Keep up the good work.
thanks. And pass on to your whole team how impressed I am with the service from your company. the response time to any of the e-mails I have sent has been phenomenal and to have something fixed this fast shows that you really care about the opinion of the client. Keep up the great work!
Our Technology Department researched this website to create a countywide event calendar that would accessible to all employees and parents. It has already paid off and will be a genuine asset to our school system.
OK, I'll be waiting for the implementation of auto-incrementing event numbers! Thanks for your personal reply. Your product is FANTASTIC - vastly superior to Google Calendar. I will keep you in mind for corporate needs.
Let me say that I really love your calendar service, it's very convenient and just works.
In this day an age of BUSYNESS...........thank you so much for providing the help and assistance on a timely manner. The Miss Illinois Scholarship Association (which is a preliminary to Miss America) has dates and times that change constantly...........This Web Calendar provides the utmost in making this easy for me to make these necessary changes in a timely manner and conducive to those of us who are Computer Challenged!!
THANK YOU FOR THIS SERVICE!!! I work for a real estate company and I needed to create a calendar and this is EXACTLY what I was looking for. It's easy to use, it's just great.
I am very happy with the service you provide. It suits my needs (a simple calander to make appointments with a group of people) perfectly. Thanks, keep up the good work!
GREAT thanks! What a great idea. I love this!!
Whoopee! That's so cool. I just love the internet sometimes, people, not least yourselves, have dones some awesome things to make life excellent havn't they?
I actually have several other calendars set up for family and friends.. found yall with a google search a long time ago... thanks for being so cool :)
Many thanks. Problem solved. Very prompt answer from you folks. That's rare these days and appreciated.
This web-site is freakin awesome!!!Hello!! Nice Job!! Damn it man
Thank you - your product and service are great!
Wow - what service and the price is right. Thanks for the quick response - your fix worked.
I just found your calander. I love it! this is what our company needs to keep up with each others schedules. Thank you so much for providing such a great service!
I looked at a lot of web calendars, and yours was the best by far. Congratulations.