February 2019
Alabama/Florida trip
8:00am IHOP Florence KY
6:00pm Logans, Shoneys, Applebees
Alabama/Florida trip
6:00pm Floyd's, or, Old Bay
Alabama/Florida trip
12:00pm AJ's oyster shanty
6:00pm Hightides
Alabama/Florida trip
12:00pm The Shack (no, closed), or Ali's Italian bistro
6:00pm Crab Trap
Alabama/Florida trip
12:00pm Props brewery and grill
6:00pm Fokkers German/pizza
Alabama/Florida trip
6:00pm Logans, Shoneys, Applebees; or other
Alabama/Florida trip
6:00pm Pizza: Cassanos
8:00am 2 donuts
12:00pm Leftover pizza, couple wings
6:00pm Charcoal Grilled Steak and shrimp, salad
12:00pm sandwich
6:00pm Chicken/shrimp scampi on linguine, bread, caprese salad
8:00am Cereal
12:00pm Ham sandwich, salad w/balsamic vinegarette
6:00pm Spinach salad, bread
8:00am cereal, skim milk
12:00pm smart one
6:00pm Shrimp/grits, cauliflower or salad
8:00am cereal
12:00pm smart one
6:00pm Beef bowl: fingers, mashed potatoes, corn, cheese, gravy
8:00am cereal
12:00pm smart one
6:00pm Chicken/rice casserole, broccoli
8:00am cereal, pillsbury cinnamon roll
12:00pm popcorn chicken, fries, sliced tomato and cucumber
6:00pm pizza: Sarah's or Marion's
8:00am cereal
12:00pm crockpot bbq pork chops, salad, o'brian potatoes
6:00pm leftover pizza
8:00am Egg/toast
12:00pm Smart one
6:00pm scallops/crab, cauliflower, hashbrowns
8:00am egg sandwich
12:00pm pulled chicken, mashed cauliflower, leftover broccoli
6:00pm salad: cauliflower salad
8:00am egg sandwich
12:00pm pulled chicken, mashed cauliflower
4:15pm Archer's wine and appetizer
5:00pm Carvers or Wellington Grille for Valentine's day
8:00am orange, special K
6:00pm grill burgers, peas, mac/cheese
8:00am egg avacado toast
12:00pm burger patty
6:00pm cod w/wine,tom,basil sauce; green beans, baked potato
6:00pm firehouse pizza, salad
6:00pm kielbasa, cornflake potatoes, tomato/cuccumber
Presidents day
8:00am egg/toast
12:00pm salad, pretzel/peanut butter
6:00pm Hairless Hare pizza and beer w/Deana
8:00am special K berry bar
12:00pm naked chicken tenders, buffalo chips
6:00pm salad: chicken caesar salad
8:00am egg, avacado, toast
12:00pm crab cakes, shrimp
6:00pm crispy tacos, chips/salsa/guacamole
wine trip
8:00am egg, avacado, toast
12:00pm around Party Source: Burger King
6:00pm Cattleman's Roadhouse
wine trip
8:00am hotel
12:00pm fast food near hotel
6:00pm Applebees, BW3, O'Charleys
wine trip
8:00am hotel or Cracker Barrel
12:00pm fast food near hotel
6:00pm firehouse pizza or Mt Victory or 600 downtown
6:00pm chicken w/bacon mustard sauce
8:00am 2 eggs, toast, bacon
12:00pm crab cake, salad
6:00pm chicken stir fry, egg roll
8:00am Scrambled eggs w/pico de gallo
12:00pm Leftovers
6:00pm cheeseburger salad
8:00am egg sandwich
12:00pm chicken, gravy, mashed cauliflower
6:00pm pork chop, zucchini, mushroom caps
8:00am eggs/pico de gallo, toast
12:00pm leftover pork chop
6:00pm sausage sandwich, salad
8:00am eggs, toast
12:00pm chicken/gravy, mashed cauliflower
8:00am egg, toast
6:00pm pizza: Sarah's
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