March 2019
6:00pm chicken w/bacon mustard sauce
8:00am 2 eggs, toast, bacon
12:00pm crab cake, salad
6:00pm chicken stir fry, egg roll
8:00am Scrambled eggs w/pico de gallo
12:00pm Leftovers
6:00pm cheeseburger salad
8:00am egg sandwich
12:00pm chicken, gravy, mashed cauliflower
6:00pm pork chop, zucchini, mushroom caps
8:00am eggs/pico de gallo, toast
12:00pm leftover pork chop
6:00pm sausage sandwich, salad
8:00am eggs, toast
12:00pm chicken/gravy, mashed cauliflower
8:00am egg, toast
6:00pm pizza: Sarah's
8:00am egg, toast
11:00am tilapia w/spinach, hash brown, salad
3:30pm pizza at Kelly's
12:00pm Leftover pizza
6:00pm meatloaf, potatoes/carrots
8:00am special K bar
12:00pm Progresso soup: light italian wedding soup
6:00pm Salad: crab salad on croissant
ash wed
8:00am egg/toast
12:00pm Leftover crab salad
6:00pm Crockpot: chicken/noodles, mashed potatoes
8:00am egg/toast
12:00pm Leftover chicken/noodles
6:00pm sea bass, brocc/cauliflower, sliced tomato
8:00am egg/toast
12:00pm Progresso soup: light potato w/bacon
6:00pm spaghetti, frozen sauce, salad
6:00pm homemade pizza with special crust
12:00pm Kelsey's birthday in Columbus: fish tacos at MacKenzie River
Irish food
8:00am scrambled eggs
12:00pm Bw3
6:00pm coddle w/salad
Irish food
8:00am egg/toast
12:00pm Old mason: Vidal blanc/sunlight, swiss
6:00pm shepherd's pie, cooked carots
Irish food
8:00am overnight oats
12:00pm Dublin Pub: Reuben or Huntsman w/pub cheese fries; BJ brewhouse instead
6:00pm fried cod, Irish colcannon, slaw
Irish food
8:00am overnight oats w/apples
12:00pm corned beef
6:00pm open faced hamburger, rice a roni, broccoli
Irish food
8:00am scrambled eggs
12:00pm leftover hamburger
6:00pm Irish stew, bread, slaw
Irish food
8:00am scrambled eggs
12:00pm corned beef or from freezer
6:00pm Irish chicken, salad
Irish food
St Patricks day
8:00am overnight oats, raspberries
12:00pm chicken
6:00pm Bangers and mash
8:00am Egg/toast
12:00pm Sandwich at farm
6:00pm baked buttery scallops
8:00am scrambled eggs
11:00am El Cazadore
6:00pm salad: spinach, crackers
8:00am Overnight oatmeal
12:00pm From freezer at farm
6:00pm Naked chicken nuggets/dipping sauce, corn, salad, orange
8:00am egg/toast
12:00pm sandwich in truck
6:00pm hamburger: red robin
8:00am egg sandwich
12:00pm turkey sandwich, celery
6:00pm Chicken/pasta in crockpot
8:00am egg/toast
12:00pm chicken, tater tots
6:00pm Pizza: Cassanos
8:00am Overnight oats
2:00pm At wolfes: lasagna, US: salad, cheddar/olive spread, butter garlic boneless wings, pizza bagettes
7:00pm Leftover pizza?
8:00am no breakfast until after blood draw
6:00pm crockpot ham/noodles/swiss, salad
12:00pm Leftovers
6:00pm taco salad
6:00pm grill smoked sausage, broccoli, mac/cheese
6:00pm hamburger: MacKenzie River
8:00am Egg/chicken/salsa
12:00pm Turkey lettuce wrap
6:00pm Chicken pillows/gravy, rice, tomato salad
8:00am Oatmeal
12:00pm Farm?
6:00pm pizza/salad: Sarah's or Christy's
8:00am Egg/chicken/salsa
12:00pm Leftover pizza
6:00pm Grilled steak/lamb, baked potato, salad
8:00am egg, turkey roll
12:00pm leftover chicken pillow, rice
6:00pm Grilled chicken, potato/foil, green beans
12:00pm leftover chicken
6:00pm Pea dinner salad
6:00pm grilled mild italian sausage/peppers/onions, salad, tots
12:00pm Dublin pub
6:00pm open faced sloppy joes, stuffed peppers, baked beans
8:00am Egg/turkey rolls
6:00pm chicken/waffles, fruit
6:00pm pizza: firehouse or Sarah's
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