June 2019
12:00pm MB birthday at farm: brats/bahama mama/burgerdogs, fruit salad, bbq greenbeans, ?, Amy: cake; homemade ice cream, salsa, celery appitizers, pizza dip, girls:pesto tortellini salad
memorial day
6:00pm Steak, long grain rice, veg salad
12:00pm BLT, pretzel/veg dip
6:00pm Chicken Caesar salad, caprese salad
12:00pm hot dogs
6:00pm Tony's or Co 7, no! Rt 68 grille
12:00pm Chicken salad
6:00pm Hambergers: Bunkers, no; grill burgers, fries, ?
12:00pm Turkey sandwiches
6:00pm Valley vineyards cookout, no; Mt Victory restaurant
6:00pm Pizza: Sarah's,no; make at home pizza
6:00pm Vicki at La Comedia; me- Lee's chicken
6:00pm sausage patty sandwich, hash browns, spinach salad
8:00am fried egg, toast
12:00pm leftover chicken, mashed potatoes
6:00pm taco salad
6:00pm Black rock grill
6:00pm bunkers, or grill at farm: hamburgers, fries, salad
6:00pm Co 7 pulled chicken/wings/brisket, green beans, mac/cheese
6:00pm Valley vineyards, didn't go
8:00am Peanutbutter toast, sausages
12:00pm Leftovers
6:00pm Pizza: William's party
12:00pm grilled fish/shrimp, hash browns, asparagus
6:00pm Donatos pizza
6:00pm Chinese buffet
6:00pm BLT pasta salad
Michigan golfing
Michigan golfing
6:00pm smoked sausage, grilled zucchini, fries
6:00pm cassanos
6:00pm Fathers day: Italian chicken pasta in parm/wine sauce, salad, garlic bread
6:00pm pork chop, baked potato, asparagus
6:00pm eat out following movie: La Rosa's
12:00pm Hot dog
6:00pm After farm: Mel-o-dee in New Carlisle
8:00am egg, toast
12:00pm bahama mama, corn
6:00pm bacon cheeseburger bubble up casserole, salad
8:00am Bacon sandwich
12:00pm Leftover casserole, watermelon
6:00pm pizza: Cassano's
8:00am donuts
12:00pm leftover pizza
7:30pm - 8:30pm valley vineyards cookout with girls
6:00pm Monte Cristo sandwiches, tater tots, green beans
12:00pm Lizards or BW3
6:00pm Anniversary dinner: Wellington Grill
6:00pm Taste of crossroads
Michigan traverse city trip
7:45am Sidney restaurant
4:00pm Zehnders
7:00pm Frankenmuth brewery: onion rings, beer (poor service, out of most beers we were interested in)
Michigan traverse city trip
Michigan traverse city trip
Michigan traverse city trip
Michigan traverse city trip
6:00pm Jerk chicken and pineapple kabobs, rice
6:00pm Cheeseburger salad
6:00pm Slow cooker cheesy chicken penne, salad
6:00pm Ribs, potato salad
6:00am Pulled pork, corn/cob
12:00am Leftover ribs
6:00pm Firehouse pizza, salad
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